Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rigging up the lights... :)

Okay, I know this post is LONG overdue, but in all actuality, I haven't had any new pictures until now!! And they aren't even that good! :) But with Christmas right around the corner, I couldn't let it slip away without showing off our attempt at some Christmas spirit. After searching and searching, with no luck, to find a reasonably priced, artificial pre-lit tree, (they are ridiculously expensive!!) we settled on getting a REAL tree, which in the end, turned out to be the better decision! Our house smells WONDERFUL! We definitely aren't regretting that $35 purchase from Lowe's :)

Our adorable REAL tree, decorated with red and black ornaments (of course) accompanied with only two presents so far... I have a lot of wrapping to do!

We all know that Christmas isn't Christmas without some outside lights! Thanks to my wonderfully patient and sweet husband who spent hours in the cold putting them up, our outside lights are perfect! It took a little work to get them that way... first, the unscrewing and screwing in of every other bulb for the red, white affect was a little time consuming. Then after getting them on the roof, we realized we were 7 feet short of our finished product :( SEVEN FEET! We went back to the store for one more strand, only to find that they were all out!! Never to get another shipment this season :( After searching a vast number of other stores for the specific lights, we had no luck and I was certain that our project would never be complete. After a week or so, I was kind of getting used to seeing only half our roof lit up :) Thanks to a great co worker of mine who recommended Sprinkler World for CUSTOM CUT strands of lights, our lovely display was finally completed! :)