Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Peek

Jace and I went for my 20 week ultrasound today to get another peek at Baby Girl.  It was so fun to see how much she's grown over these last few weeks!  Everything is measuring right on with my due date, and Baby Girl looks healthy as can be!  

I cannot say enough how blessed I feel to have this precious babe growing inside of me.  The human body is AMAZING and this experience is truly a miracle in action.  I'm amazed at how my body is changing to accommodate her growing little self, and I'm even more amazed at how her little tiny body has developed and grown!  It still blows my mind that a little human is in there, and I can FEEL her!  And in just a little over 4 months, I will hold her in my arms!  I'm getting all emotional just thinking about it... I love her so much already, and I'm sure that that love will explode my heart when she's actually here.  

So here she is... 20 weeks and 2 days!
It's confirmed that she's still a GIRL!
Yes that is her foot on her face :)
My little flexy baby!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hump Day

Hump Day.
MY Hump Day :)

I am 20 weeks pregnant today!

I've hit my "Hump Day" in this joyous pregnancy and it's all down hill from here.  
I can only hope that the second half treats me as well as the first half did.

And here's to hoping it goes by just as fast, if not faster!

Did I mention that I LOVE being pregnant?
Cause I do :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strawberry Camping Trip

Last weekend we went up to Strawberry Reservoir to camp with my family for a few days.  Despite being 19.5 weeks pregnant and TOTALLY uncomfortable (I don't even want to know how uncomfortable I'll be at 40 weeks!) we had an absolute blast! My family rocks and we had so much fun 4 wheeling, playing in the creek and just hanging out.  It was a nice little getaway from the outside world as well. 
Baby Girl's first 4 wheeler ride :) 
Our tent on the trailer bed was the husband's genius idea.  I slept there with him the first night, and it was one night too many. I quickly realized that a slowly deflating air mattress and 30 degrees with not enough blankets, did not sit well with me and my aching back. And ribs. And hips.  The second night I set up camp in my parents' trailer, with a bed and a heater :) Now that's camping!

This little girl wanted NOTHING to do with a nap... until her Uncle Jace got a hold of her :) 

I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. for this man to put his own little girl to sleep. 
 He will be the best daddy!

I love this little girl loving her goldfish crackers :)
Totally bombing the picture that was supposed to be of just mom and dad :)
Until next time...

Which will probably be next summer when I'm no longer pregnant :)