Sunday, January 08, 2012

3 Weeks

3 weeks from today we will be on that ship.
In that place. 
Basking in glorious sunshine and gorging on delicious food.

Let the countdown begin!!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Twenty Twelve

Wait, 2012? 

Am I going crazy? Isn't the world suppose to end this year?
On my birthday to be exact, December 21st 2012... we're toast.
Speaking of birthdays, I had one. Again. A few weeks ago. I am now considered LATE 20's. 

Good thing I was spoiled rotten by the husband. It wasn't too bad I guess.
A few pictures as proof...
Another band for my already gorgeous wedding ring... a girl can never have enough diamonds :)
Like I said, spoiled.

Another Christmas, gone. Just like that. It really didn't even feel like Christmas this year. The sunshine and warm temps could've played a part in that. 
No snow on Christmas? 
I mean really?
Christmas-y church attire
Sunroof and sunglasses on Christmas day.
That's just crazy.
I adore them :)
Merry Christmas. 

Here's to hoping that THIS year is OUR year ;)
Send your good vibes our way!