Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving My Pumpkin

I originally wanted to carve this:

  Yes, that's Edward Cullen :)  Jace said if that pumpkin ended up outside on our porch, he'd smash it :)  So, I decided I'd try this:

A scary toothfairy... very fitting I'd say :)  So, I got to work...

After gutting my pumpkin and taping the pattern on, I began punching the holes.  After all the holes were punched, I removed the pattern, ready to start cutting! Much to my disappointment, all that I could see were a bunch of tiny holes randomly marking up my pumpkin... I could not make out the pattern AT ALL.  After a little whining and an angry scream,  I ended up with this:

It's no scary toothfairy and definitely NOT Edward Cullen, but I'm pretty proud of my free hand work :) Next year, I'll try a much easier pattern.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

We went down to the good old pumpkin patch with my family on Monday night... I absolutely love picking out our pumpkins from the patch every year, Jace on the other hand, would rather pass on the whole thing :) But he was a good sport, as he always is with my family's traditions. The hard part now is trying to convince him that carving pumpkins is cool!! He was a deprived child I guess ;) In the end, I was a sucker for the little ones (plus they're cheaper) but we did get a decent sized one to display on our front porch.

Addi loves her Uncle Jace :)

Friday, October 09, 2009

A New Found Love :)

I've picked up the WONDERFUL hobby of cooking, and here's why...

With an oven that actually bakes, a huge pantry and yes, a DISHWASHER, my new found love is this kitchen!! I never really picked up cooking much when Jace and I were first married... The horrible kitchen and awful appliances we had in our old place, kept me from trying new things and getting creative. Since we've moved into our new updated home, I can't stay out of the kitchen! I surprised not only my husband, but MYSELF! It's crazy how much I enjoy cooking and baking, and not to brag, but I'm kinda good at it too... Much to my amazement! :) Now that we're well into October with Halloween around the corner, I decided to try something I've never done before... something to add to the fall festivites... Jace's favorite,
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies :)

Jace hasn't tried them yet, but I have, and I think they'll pass :)