Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

Every year growing up, my family would color eggs for Easter. My siblings have all continued to do so with their families and although we don't have any of our own little ones yet, I was determined to continue the tradition with just Jace and I. I bought the dye and the eggs and brought my enthusiasm to the table on Saturday afternoon!! Jace's family has never been much into coloring eggs for Easter-what a deprived child :) You can imagine his response to my asking him to join me. After a little coaxing and whining, a guilt trip here and there ;) He gave in and dropped some eggs into the mugs of dye :) It wasn't much, but it was something! In the end, we did have a good time together!!

He's just thrilled!!

Easter Sunday, we got together with my family for some good eats and delicious treats! The kids had their annual Easter egg hunt on the hills of mom and dad's house and we all enjoyed the beautiful weather!!

Addi giving uncle Jace a taste of her Easter candy!

After all the dyed eggs are eaten and all the mounds of Easter candy consumed, let us remember what it's really about...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Our Latest Purchase

Well, we FINALLY got rid of my Jeep this last month (it had seen better days) and bought this totally awesome SONATA! It was a much needed and long awaited purchase... when the outcome of a simple transmission service on my Jeep was possibly going to be a $1000 fix, we decided that we were done throwing our money away on that car, not knowing what would go wrong next! Thanks to my husband's amazing knowledge and skills in the sales department, we got the dealership to give us a GREAT deal on our Hyundai :) We love it!!