Monday, January 28, 2013

Month Three

These monthly updates on our little lady are really more for me than any of you readers out there.  I know I'm going to look back at these posts when she's older, and be SO grateful I wrote the highlights down!  And if it at all interests you, by all means, read away!  If not, I promise I won't be offended :)

Ava at 3 months:

*We're not quite sure on the little miss' current stats, we don't go back to her pediatrician until next month, but if I were to take a guess, I'd say she weighs somewhere between 10 and 12 pounds and is probably an inch or two taller.  She is getting pretty chunky! But at the same time, is still pretty petite :)

*She has officially outgrown all of her newborn clothes! We broke out the 0-3 month outfits and she'll wear a few solid 3 month ones as well. Some are still a little too big, but she's filling them out more and more each day.  Thank goodness for Carter's, that's all I have to say!  Their 3 month leggings are the perfect combination of long and skinny to accommodate her long lean legs and skinny waist... and they come in so many different colors, making matching with outfits a breeze :)

*We've established an AWESOME, pretty consistent routine.  EAT, PLAY, SLEEP, REPEAT.  She is THRIVING off of this routine, and it makes for a pretty happy momma as well!  She typically eats 4-5oz every 3.5-4 hours (more along the lines of the 4 hour mark).  We'll then play for a bit, usually about 1-1.5 hours, at which point she will then go down for a nap.  Her favorite napping spot these days is on our bed.  Getting her to nap in her crib is next to impossible, so whatever works, is what we do!  She's been taking one long nap a day which is typically in the morning (2-3.5 hours long), a shorter nap in the afternoon (1-1.5 hours long) and another 'semi' long nap in the early evening (about 2-2.5 hours long).  Around 8-8:30 she gets a bath (which she LOVES), some nice warm jammies, and a bottle.  I then put her down IN HER CRIB around 9pm and she will sleep until 9am.  Yes, you heard me, 9pm-9am.  12 hours a night!  Could she be any more perfect?? Granted, not every night is that perfect, but more often than not, that's the norm :)
*She is still OBSESSED with sucking on her hands and fingers and has figured out how to maneuver them around quite well.
*Though she hasn't quite started reaching or grabbing for toys, the interest is there and I can tell that her little brain is just trying to figure out how to catch the ones dangling from her play gym.  She LOVES anything that has music and flashing lights, and lately has been thoroughly enjoying her Baby Einstein DVD's.  She also loves when we read books.  The bright pictures and colors are so captivating to her and she will sit with me for quite awhile, reading books!  It is probably my favorite thing in the world :)

*She likes when I sing to her.  It will almost always put her to sleep.  "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is her favorite... She doesn't even seem to mind when I forget the words or go off key :)

*She is such a happy baby!  She loves to smile, coo, and blow spit bubbles.  She loves to play "Pat a Cake" and even laughed at me the other day while playing.  I almost died, it was the sweetest little laugh I've ever heard!  Of course she hasn't done it again since then, little stink. But soon, I'm sure that laughter will fill our house... She discovers her voice more and more each day and new little sounds arise.  

*She HATES having a dirty diaper (such a girly girl) and her changing pad has been renamed her "Happy Pad" (compliments of her daddy).  Every time we lay her on it, she kicks her legs in pure excitement and starts jibber jabbering.  She absolutely knows that's where her bum gets cleaned and she couldn't be more thrilled about it!  

*Her eyes have taken their color and are the prettiest of all blues I've ever seen!  I honestly never thought I'd have a blue eyed baby.  We will thank her Daddy and Grandpa Park for that :)
*Lately she's been LOVING tummy time.  A feat that didn't come easy!  Something just clicked inside of her and sometimes laying her on her tummy is the only way to calm her down!  She's even fallen asleep on her belly a few times for naps.  

I think it's pretty safe to say that we're obsessed with her.  I never thought that motherhood would be this much fun!  I find myself anxiously waiting for her to wake up in the mornings so we can giggle and play.  I love spending my days with her and never in all my life have I felt so complete.

She's just so dreamy :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A New Year

As we said goodbye to the amazing year of 2012, and welcomed 2013, I found myself reflecting on the past year's blessings, and how in abundance they were given to us!

The biggest, most amazing, most obvious blessing was that of becoming parents!  After struggling with fertility issues for 11 months, the Lord, on His time granted us the sweet, sweet joy of parenthood and sent us our beautiful baby girl.  I was able to experience what it was like to be pregnant, with it's ups and downs and experience a true, hard, amazingly perfect labor and delivery to bring her into this world.  And what a blessing that was!  To feel such instant love for a little being, to bond so quickly and be so overcome with love and emotion for a sweet child of God, has been, by far, the most incredible feeling both Jace and I have ever experienced.  It has brought us closer together in our marriage than we could have ever imagined.

Jace is still employed with eBay, and what a blessing that has been!  To have a secure, stable job in these crazy economical times is huge!  And with health benefits, life insurance, a 401K plan and stock options, nonetheless!  With me quitting my job at the dental office to be a stay at home momma, we were worried that our financial situation would take a turn for the worst with only one income. And although we've had to make some sacrifices, and are definitely NOT where we'd like to be financially, we still manage to get by every month, paying the bills, making the mortgage, and putting food on the table.  My husband is one hard working man and does everything in his power to provide for his family... and for that I am indeed grateful!

I could go on and on about the blessings we received last year, but this post would be never ending.  To sum it up, 2012 was good to us and it will be a hard one to beat!  With that said, I am so excited for 2013 and what it has in store for us!  I've never been one for resolutions, I'm all about living life day to day, but I do believe it's okay to set a few personal goals to help yourself become a better person.  So here are a few of my plans for this new year:

1. I plan to be the best Mother I can be for my little Ava.  I plan to laugh with her, play with her, and explore her new world with her.  I plan to teach her and take care of her and help her grow into a strong, beautiful little toddler. I just hope she will be patient with me and my imperfections :)

2. I plan to love and appreciate my husband more.  I plan to support him in all of his callings in life, in church and in his job.  I plan to refrain from arguing so much with him, and I plan to choose my battles more wisely :) I just hope he will be patient with me and my imperfections :)

3. I plan to do better at serving my family, friends and neighbors, even just with small and simple things. I plan on strengthening my testimony of the gospel and strengthening my relationship with my Savior. I just hope He will be patient with me and my imperfections :)

I better stop at 3! Don't want to get too overwhelmed :)
Cheers to 2013 and living life to the fullest!

A Blessing

Last Sunday, December 30th, was our sweet Ava's blessing day.  We chose that Sunday for a few reasons:
1. Being the holidays, Jace's Grandparents living out of state were able to easily travel to Utah for the weekend.
2. I wanted to wait until Ava was at least 2 months old... I'm a germ freak and you may agree to disagree, but church in my opinion is the worst germ infested place you could ever take a newborn!
3. It was the last Sunday that our ward would meet at 2:30 pm. The new year will find us starting at 8:30 am and I was not about to try and conquer that. WAAAYY too early :)

This sweet angel of mine, has never looked more beautiful! I was a very proud, emotional momma that day to say the least.  And thanks to her Grandma Julene Helean, she had the prettiest custom made dress! It was a wonderful day :)

Despite her crying through her whole blessing, her daddy kept his composure and gave her the sweetest, most tender, most heart felt blessing.  The spirit was so strong and he was indeed inspired by it. I love this man with all of my heart! We are two lucky girls :)
After the meeting, we gathered for food at Jace's parents house and enjoyed the rest of the day with family... and loved and loved and loved on our sweet Ava of course!
I am so grateful for my little family, and so grateful to the good Lord for allowing me to call them mine.  We have been so richly blessed this year!