Friday, August 17, 2012

The Home Stretch

Not a lot has been happening around these parts... Just the fact that I'm getting bigger and bigger and more and more uncomfortable!  But I have finally reached the THIRD AND FINAL trimester in this glorious pregnancy of mine.  Baby Girl is getting big and strong, and she definitely lets me know just how big and strong at all times of the day!  I am constantly feeling her little feet jabbing under my ribs, her tiny little body flipping and rolling to find a more comfy spot, and her little bum pushing against my bladder (resulting in my running to the loo more times in a day than any one person should experience.) 

Would I trade it for anything? Absolutely not! It is honestly the coolest feeling and most fun thing to watch in all the world!  I can't wait until I can hold my little wiggle worm and love and kiss on her all day!  

Cheers to 12 more weeks! Maybe less if I'm lucky ;)