Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Update

While browsing through my past blog posts, I realized that I have hardly gone into any detail about my pregnancy.  Stuff like symptoms, cravings, mood swings, etc.  Silly things that most of you probably don't really care about, but that I myself would like to remember!  

So, here's the latest with Baby Girl and I...
(I am actually 23 weeks today, but this was the last belly pic)

*I started to feel my little bundle of joy around 18 weeks... most women describe it as "butterflies fluttering" but I would say it felt more like popcorn popping.  
*She gave her daddy his first high five between 19 and 20 weeks.  I wish I would've had his reaction on video, it was priceless :)
*These days, the little miss moves all over the place.  Especially at night, when her daddy lays his head on my belly.  I can feel her a lot more strongly and can actually SEE her squirm around.  It is so bizarre to watch my stomach pop up in different places.  Her daddy likes to joke that her crazy movements remind him of the movie "Tremors." 
*She can hear things now, so her daddy and I have been laughing and singing and acting silly A LOT.  And we've been better at keeping our voices down while arguing ;)
*She is currently 11 inches long and weighs in just over a pound.  My belly feels heavy and I find myself wondering how it's ever going to stretch anymore... I'm in for it :)
*I haven't noticed any stretch marks. YET. (Thank you Palmer's Belly Butter)
*My belly button will probably make it's big debut in the next week or two... it's  just about there.
*I've noticed certain "areas" of my body getting bigger... i.e: thighs, butt, luv handles.  And I'm not sure I like it too much... watching that number on the scale creep up and up, is something that I've never experienced before and I freak out a bit every time I get on it.  I have gained a healthy amount of weight though thus far, (I'll spare you the exact number of lbs) and I just have to keep reminding myself that it's ALL WORTH IT! 
*I bought my first items of maternity clothing the other day (blast!).  Two pairs of pants.  I'm still able to wear all my shirts and tops, but I thought I'd be able to bypass the whole thing, at least for a little while longer.  I was mistaken.
*My feet and ankles are starting to swell, JOY.  
*I forget.
*And I'm clumsy.
*The heartburn has been OUTRAGEOUS.  It doesn't matter what I eat or don't eat, it rears it's ugly head with EVERYTHING I eat, at all times of the day. She better have a full head of hair!
*Peanut butter has become my recent love, smeared all over frozen waffles and drenched in syrup.
*Still obsessed with pizza. And popcorn. And chocolate. (healthy much?)
*And still cannot look at a chicken enchilada. (gagity, gag gag me)
*The book "Becoming Baby Wise" is genius and we've been reading it religiously.
*The guest/junk room that will become the nursery, is FINALLY cleaned out.  A couple coats of paint are in order in the upcoming weeks, followed by furniture and decor :) So excited for that!
*Her daddy and I are hoping that she will make her grand entrance earlier than predicted, the 30th of October to be exact... Daddy's birthday :) But realistically, we know that probably won't happen.
*Besides the aching in my ribs, and finding it hard to breathe, I feel pretty good!  

17 more weeks!

Road Trip

Last week, Jace and I went on a last minute road trip up to Missoula for the 4th of July.  From there, we headed over to Seattle with Grandma and Papa for our cousin Dan's wedding.  A lot of time spent driving in the car (at 22 weeks pregnant mind you, not ideally comfortable) but all in all, it was a fun quick trip!  The last time I was in Seattle was over 10 years ago, so I was very excited to go back!  I love that city!  We had perfect weather every day we were there, the wedding was beautiful, and the time spent with family we don't see very often, was well worth it!
Missoula on the 4th

Such a fun city!
Riding the ferry to Vashon Island for the wedding
The reception
And the happy couple :)