Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lovin Us Some Grill Time

Walmart's $110.00 BBQ Grill with a $50.00 instant rebate = Best 60 bucks we've ever spent :)
Our little house gets too stinkin HOT in the summer if I cook on the stove or use the oven... Which is why we've been LOVING our grill!  If it wasn't for our grill, we'd be spending way too much money eating out!  The other night we decided we'd try something a little out of the ordinary... KABABS! 
Talk about DELISH! 
Prep Time
Grill Time!
The Grill Master Himself
Putting our grill away for the winter will be one sad day... And that day is sneaking up on us all too quickly :(

1. I am grateful for the constant lesson of learning patience
2. I am grateful for the gentle reminders that things happen in the Lord's time
3. I am grateful for a sweet husband who tells me daily that everything will be okay
4. And I am grateful for cinnamon snow cones :)

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Heaven On Earth

Mid to upper 90's, 80 degree water, amazing food, KILLER tan lines and awesome people. That's what our week long trip to Lake Powell consisted of a few weeks ago.  Pure bliss :)
Yes, that would be my husband flying through the air :)