Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 4th

We had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  My favorite holiday of the year!  We were able to enjoy a lot of the wonderful festivities and the best part was dragging them out over 4 days!  Rather than having to drive back and forth from Lehi to Provo (where the majority of everything took place) Jace and I stayed down in Springville with my parents for the weekend :) Thanks Mom and Dad for letting us sleepover! 
This was pretty much the only hot air balloon we got to see... it was too windy the morning we went.  None of the balloons even launched... kind of a bummer :(

Stadium Of Fire!!
This was THE HIGHLIGHT of our weekend :)
Don't you just LOVE my Daddy's hat?? It's pretty much the coolest thing ever!
Two of Carrie Underwood's biggest fans right here :)

The 4th of July is not complete without homemade ice cream... with fresh strawberries! So delicious!

1. I am grateful for 90 degree temperatures 
2. I am grateful for my wonderful in-laws, that's including my darling sister-in-law and her husband
3. I am grateful for Costco
4. I am grateful for the incredible blessings that come from paying tithing
5. I am grateful for our $7.00 floating mattresses that have provided many relaxing hours at our pool :)