Wednesday, April 03, 2013


March was quite the busy month for us!  And I figured I'd better stay ahead of the game and recap before we get too far into April.  Time is just slipping away from me these days!  The babes is growing fast, the husband is working so hard to provide for us, and this Momma is just trying to keep up with it all :)  But life is good and we've been so blessed.  So, here's a look at our March Madness...

The beginning of the month found us celebrating my wonderful mother's birthday.  Ava and I spent the day with her and went to lunch.  Last year on my Mom's birthday, I found out I was pregnant :) So this day will always be a special one for us!
Ava started grabbing our faces.  It's become her new favorite thing.  And ours :)

The weather FINALLY started to warm up a bit so we've been spending a lot of time outdoors!  It's amazing how a little sunshine can warm your soul :) We are so excited for Spring!  
And Ava finally got to wear short sleeves! 
We supported Daddy at many a basketball game this month.  Between stake basketball, and the Lehi Alumni Tournament, we've had our fair share of startling end of regulation buzzers.  And when I say startling, I mean STARTLING.  Ava would almost jump out of my arms every time the buzzer would sound.  Sad, but funny.  At least we know she has great hearing! 

A big event for us this month, was that we bought a new car.  Well, we're actually leasing it, but still, a huge financial decision for us.  It's a 2013 Nissan Leaf.  100% electric and oh so fun.  Jace is the main driver of it, since it's mostly a commuter car, but we do use it as our primary vehicle now, and let me tell you, it's been SO nice not to have a personal relationship with the gas station!  

St. Patrick's Day fell on Sunday this year, but of course we all still sported our green.
And.... we have a 5 month old. Wait, what?  

Not much has changed with the babes since her 4th month update.  She's still as sweet as ever and perfect in every way.  Her little personality just kills us.  She's a talker, and a singer and a drama queen in every sense of the word.  She's realized that she can move around by scooting on her back.  She loves loves loves to scoot.  She will scoot entirely off of her play mat and around the living room, and tries to scoot herself off of her changing table now, making diaper changes a tad bit difficult.  She also somehow manages to do 180's in her crib at night.  I will find her in the mornings, head at the foot, and feet at the head.  Completely out of her blankies as well.  Oh, my little wiggle worm.  She cracks me up.
We're still dealing with the stranger anxiety, but I do feel like she's warming up to people more.  At least I'm hopeful!  It depends on the day, and if she's being a typical emotional girl or not :) 
No tears around Grandpa is a HUGE milestone!
I thank my Heavenly Father every day for blessing me with a child that sleeps.  He knows that I would not be a good mother otherwise :)  And this girl is one amazing sleeper.  She knows when it's bedtime and gladly goes down without a bit of a fight.  And 10-12 hours a night is Heavenly, let me just tell you.  How did I get so lucky?
She loves the bath...
And her toys...

And her puppy...
And will put anything and everything in her mouth...
She's her Daddy's biggest fan...

But definitely a Momma's girl :)
She's beautiful, and hilarious, and just perfect.  I said that already didn't I?  We are so so so in love :)
We ended our busy month of March by celebrating the beautiful Easter weekend.  We spent time with family outside in the glorious sunshine and ate to our heart's content :)
 My sweetie all ready for church in her Easter dress :)

My dad is known for having the first green lawn of the year, and beautifully green it was.  We had to let miss Ava experience it for herself for the first time...
 She liked sitting in it, but not so much laying in it...
 Last year on Easter Sunday, we told our families we were pregnant.  I was 10 weeks along.  This year, to have her there with us, was the best thing in the world!
 It was a wonderful weekend to remember what's really important in life and to reflect on our kind, loving Savior who sacrificed for us all.  Without Him, none of this would be possible.  I know that He lives, and for that, I'm grateful :)