Sunday, October 21, 2012


Over the last month, I was fortunate enough to have been given 3 baby showers.  One on my side of the family, thrown by my wonderful mother and sister, one thrown by my amazing best friends, and one on Jace's side, thrown by my sweet mother-in-law.  All of which were beautifully done!  I am indeed grateful to all that helped make them possible, and to all that showed up to show their love and support for Baby Girl and I.  I feel so blessed to have such amazing family members and friends in my life.  We were given so much to help us get ready for our angel... now if she would just get here already so we can put all of her gifts to use! :)

I was somewhat disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures at all 3 showers.  There are faces missing from the photos that I really wish I would've captured, but I did get a few at each one, to remember the details!

Shower #1, September 22nd, at my parents house:
Like I said, there were a ton more people that came, that I failed to get pictures with... ARG!
My best friend from my childhood :) Love her
 This is the carseat cover my amazing sister made me... I'm obsessed with it!

Shower #2, October 13th, hosted by my wonderful friends:
These beautiful ladies were the minds behind the masterpiece!  I couldn't ask for more wonderful girls to call my besties :)
Just a few of the group that showered me with love... like I said, wish I would've gotten more! Some people had already left at this point as well :(

Shower #3, October 20th, at my in-laws:
 My sweet mother-in-law and nephew Cooper
My beautiful mom and sister (didn't get a picture with them at the shower they hosted, I know seriously? So we captured one at this shower)
 A few of the goods
My beautiful sister-in-law Tessa... Love her.

This was the smallest shower out of the 3, but still definitely a good time.  A lot of our family on the Helean side lives out of state, so gifts were sent via post mail, which is good enough for me!

Thank you to ALL that showered me and Baby with love, support and gifts!  I feel so lucky and so blessed!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moving On...

Today was a bitter sweet day.

Today I walked out of the doors of this place,
for the last time.
After 8 and a half years of working there.

8 and a half years of long, draining, fun, silly, hard, exhausting, rewarding, drama filled days.  My career as a dental and surgical assistant in the pediatric field of dentistry, has ended.  It's all I've done for almost an entire decade and my heart hangs a bit heavy.  

Mostly because I'm going to miss working with this great man...
For 8 and a half years, Dr. Trace Lund, has been an incredible boss.  And such a joy to work with!  He is one crazy character, this guy... (you kind of have to be a little nuts to work in pediatrics altogether) and I have very much enjoyed my time spent working alongside his magnificent expertise.  I was his right-hand WOman if you will... like two peas in a pod :)  

Many great friendships were formed in that office as well, some that will last a lifetime.
And for that I am indeed grateful.

But it's time for me to move on to my new job... 

That of being a mother.  

I am beyond excited to take on that new roll and responsibility, and will forever be grateful for the patience that I learned from working at PPD, which I know will greatly benefit me as I take on motherhood.

To celebrate my last day, Dr. Lund treated us all to lunch at The Pizza Factory... (there are a few co-workers missing)
After which, I worked my last 4 hours as a dental assistant.

At least for now... 
I may or may not go back to dental assisting later in life.  We will cross that bridge when we get there.  But for now, that chapter in my life has been closed :)  

Like I said, it's bitter sweet.  

Bitter in the fact that I will miss the staff, the children, the fulfillment of the job... 

But sweet in the most obvious reason, 
I'm gonna be a Momma :) 

So... I guess this is goodbye.
Peace out PPD.
Thanks for the good times...