Friday, September 24, 2010

I Don't Want To Grow Up

 Our ward has two nurseries, a HUGE junior primary, and is probably the noisiest Sacrament Meeting in the valley. Jace and I come home everyday to either a bike, a scooter or a 4 year old, sitting in our driveway. Our neighborhood is FULL of little ones. Running, riding, screaming and laughing, all day long. Sometimes we wonder where the parental supervision is :) 

With the weather cooling off, we've turned off the AC and opened the windows.  It's inevitable that we hear some of the conversations that take place right outside our front door.
Here are a few tid bits of what we heard this afternoon:
Little girl- "Guys, don't eat paper... if you eat paper, you're eating trees!"
Little boy- "Seagulls are weird looking birds."
Little girl- "Here, use this, it will make your owie feel better."

Jace and I find ourselves wishing that our lives could still be that simple.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Date Night

 Last night we attended a wedding reception up in Cottonwood Heights... before heading home, my wonderfully spontaneous husband had the idea of treating ourselves to some miniature golf at Boondocks. Thanks to our BUY 1, GET 1 coupon, we enjoyed one of the last summer nights of the year :) Did I mention I was golfing in heels? Awesome.
And did I mention how much I love this guy? He's the best.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Years Ago...

2 years ago today, I married a boy...
A boy who drives me crazy when he picks at his fingernails.
A boy who drives me crazy when he leaves the toilet seat up.
A boy who drives me crazy when he chews with his mouth wide open.
And this boy who I'm so crazy about... I wouldn't trade for anything in the world! He's my everything and I am so ridiculously in love with him, more today than I was 2 years ago. Happy Anniversary to my sweetheart.

Monday, September 06, 2010

1 Year

A year ago today, we moved into our first home!  I wanted to get it 'somewhat' put together before I posted pictures of it, which is why it's taken me so long... and it's STILL not put all the way together!   I've been itching to paint, and our walls need a little more decor, but as it is right now, we love our home!
Promenade Townhomes at Pheasant Pointe

We got this awesome vase for free :) 
This is the landing once you come into the entry way... all of our living area is upstairs.

Dining Area

Living Room. 
With our totally RAD Hand-Me-Down couches!

Bar & Wide Open Kitchen

Guest Bedroom.  
The owner before us put up the beadboard and installed a dimming light switch. Perfect for a baby's room :) One day.
Guest Bathroom
Master Suite
Our bedroom walls need some paint or art or something... we're working on it!
We love our HUGE bathroom!! WITH a dual sink vanity!
Our Ginormous (and very messy) walk in closet
The view from inside the closet
Another picture of our most popular room... and the husband doing what he does best, watching football.

So there it is... nothing spectacular, but perfect for the two of us!  

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Cougar Football

First football game of the season! We love our Cougars...

1. I am grateful for days off to sleep in
2. I am grateful for blueberry waffles
3. I am grateful for a husband who makes me laugh
4. And believe it or not, I am grateful for football season