Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Cal

I thought I should post our pictures from our recent trip to Southern California. Mostly for my wonderful parents who haven't been converted to the amazing-ness that is Facebook :) 

The reason for our trip was for the So Cal Ragnar that Jace was running with his best buddy, Dave. I opted out this year for the race, just wasn't feeling it... (who am I kidding? I don't run. EVER.) but I insisted that I still tag along for the fun. Who would pass up an opportunity to go play in the sun in California? 
Not me!

We had to hit up Ruby's on the pier... it's just a MUST.

I had mentioned to Jace that I had never been to Hollywood. So we went. 
Looking out over downtown L.A.

For those of you who know me well, know that I love the Kardashians. I actually made Jace drive me 45 minutes out of our way into the city of Calabasas, just so I could see the Kardashian's DASH store. I will never in my life be able to afford any of the clothes in that store, but I had to see it anyway! (And I have to mention that my sweetheart didn't even put up a fight at my request to go... he is so good to me!)

Now to the reason of the trip...
Getting ready for his first leg. Which by the way, was 7 miles at 1 p.m in 90 degrees. He was just thrilled!
The exchange.

A little down time

Jace's 2nd leg was at 2 a.m.  I wasn't there for that one... I like my sleep too much!

The next morning...
With our friends... David and Melissa. At Torrey Pines Gliderport.
And he's off for #3!
Getting a little high five action from friend and teammate, Clint.
Almost done!
I love this picture. All 3 of his legs totaled 25 miles, and his face says it all! He was one tired boy.

A little more down time before the finish line...
The whole team

We celebrated the finished race with cousin Joey at Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles. Absolutely DELICIOUS! 
Two exhausted runners and one darling baby :) We finished the trip off with baby Lincoln's blessing on Sunday morning.

We then started the trek back home where we were received by 40 degree temps and pouring rain. Oh the joys of living in Utah. It IS almost May right? Or am I mistaken?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Well Worth It, But A Nightmare Nonetheless

Well, we finally did it...

I wanted to pull my hair out on a number of occasions, and there were definitely a few curse words used :) But at the end of each day, we were proud of what we had accomplished! And by the end of the week, it was complete! Our many hours of hard, and I mean HARD work, paid off. We love what feels like our brand new home!!

Here are the pictures...
Before & After

I thought I loved my kitchen before?
 I am obsessed with my kitchen now!

Here are a few pictures of the painting in progress...
Take note of how tall our entry way is... 18 feet to be exact.
Jace mastered it! Thank goodness, cause I was NOT getting up on that ladder!


SO glad it's done! It'll be awhile before either one of us touches a paint brush or roller again!

Monday, April 04, 2011

The First Of Many

I realize that it is 12:30 a.m on what is now Monday, April 4th... but I'm going to write as if it were still Sunday, April 3rd.  Today (Sunday) marks the 3rd anniversary of my first date with Jace.  

It was the Friday before General Conference in the year 2008, when I got the text message... yes, I said TEXT MESSAGE.  Very romantic :)  It went something like this:

"Hey, so I have some extra tickets to hear our prophet of the Lord... Sunday morning. Whaddya say?" 

How could I possibly say No to that?  

I was dressed and ready to go by 7:30 a.m on that Sunday morning... anxiously awaiting his arrival to pick me up. 45 minutes had passed and at 8:15, I thought for sure I had been stood up.  I was confused, sad and angry.  I decided I would call to see what was going on.  After many attempts he finally answered.  Apparently, his alarm had not gone off and he was running ridiculously late.  He had not even left his house yet!  Why he hadn't called to inform me of this?  I have no idea.  As upset as I was, he was easy to forgive :) I then suggested that we meet in Orem, hoping to save some time, rather than having him drive down from Lehi to Springville to pick me up.  With it being the Sunday Morning session, we had to be in our seats for Music & The Spoken Word by 9:00 a.m.  Believe it or not, we made it. (However, that should not come as a shock to most of you who know the way Jace drives!) We even picked up his friend Zach and his date on the way.

All in all, it was a wonderful first date.  We were inseparable from that day forward.
Our first picture together... Waiting in the long line of cars in the parking garage after the session.

The following April conference in 2009, we were able to go to the Sunday morning session again, and even last year, 2010, we attended the same session once more.  This year, we hoped to keep the tradition going, but were unable to get tickets.  So my husband, the sweetheart that he is, surprised me with flowers this morning in honor of our first date 3 years ago.  We watched conference in the warmth of our home while in our P.J's eating bagels :)