Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter, Tulips & 18 Months

I'm just gonna skip past the first couple of weeks of April, and jump right to Easter, cause well, frankly, I don't have all day.  The little monster will only nap for so long!

Grandma Bea and Papa came into town from Missoula for Easter weekend, which also happened to be Tessa's birthday, and because they were of course, dying to see their new great grand baby.  We had a wonderful weekend with them and did a lot of fun things! 

Easter "Saturday" we were invited by a friend of Jace's to attend his company's Easter party and egg hunt.  It was Ava's first official Easter egg "hunt", which just consisted of a bunch of eggs thrown about the grass, and kids scrambling everywhere!  She had a ball :)  The Easter bunny was there too, which I thought she would be terrified of, seeing as our experience with Santa didn't go over too well, but she was just fine with him!  She even gave him a high five :)

They had a giant inflatable obstacle course and bounce house, which she loved.  She had no problem holding her own with the big kids, with the help of Daddy of course :)  

I took a lot more video than pictures at that event, which I'm bummed about because videos don't upload very well on the old blog.  So these were the only pictures I got...
Afterwards, we all gathered back at Jace's parent's house for lunch and more Easter fun.  Grandma Bea didn't cease to spoil all of her great grand babies that day with lots of Easter goodies!

Easter Sunday
The Easter Bunny or "Easter Mommy" (which I like better) found Ava, and we had jelly beans for breakfast! 
Then it was off to church in our Sunday Easter outfits! 
She just melts my heart! 

That night we went down to my parent's house for our traditional Easter dinner and egg hunt in Grandpa's beautiful green grass! Ava just fit right in with all of her cousins as if she'd done it a million times before! Ha! 
Instead of putting each egg in her basket after finding them, she'd bring them to me to open for her.  She knew there was candy in them!  And that Daddy wouldn't open them for her until she found them all.  Well duh... she's no dummy.  

I love Easter.  I love what it represents. Everything is beautiful. It seems as though the entire world is alive again, after a long cold winter.  I love that we are able to celebrate our Savior, Jesus Christ and the fact that He lives!  And because of Him, I get to be with my crazy family forever :) No greater blessing! 

Monday after Easter, we headed over to Thanksgiving point to the annual Tulip Festival.  Grandma Bea and Jace's mom came along with me and a couple of my friends.  This was my first time going and I loved it!  It was so fun and the flowers are so pretty!  We just recently purchased a membership to Thanksgiving Point, so we will definitely be going again this week before it ends.

That night we celebrated Cooper's 2nd birthday while Grandma Bea and Papa were still in town.  
Trying out Cooper's new "Wiggle Car" he got for his birthday.  

And just this last week, on April 25th, my not so baby Ava turned 18 months!  What the?!  I cannot believe how grown up she seems now.  12 months to 18 months is a HUGE jump in my mind.  The things that she has learned and accomplished over the last 6 months, just blows my mind.  She's such a smart little girl, full of spunk and attitude.  She knows so many words now and talks and talks all day long!  She understands a lot of what we say, and is very good at obeying when we ask her to do things.  She's a little dare devil and is always climbing on things, sometimes giving me a heart attack! She has become very affectionate and loves to give hugs and kisses all on her own accord, without us even asking for them :) The fact that she knows that that is how we express our love, is a big deal to me and makes me a proud Momma.  I guess I've done something right :)  

She is just the sweetest thing, the light of our lives!  I'd be lying if I said it was easy... Cause boy, she can be difficult!  She is very independent and loves to do things by herself.  In fact, she gets very frustrated if she can't.  She tries my patience daily, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  She's helping me become a better mother and person in general.  Heavenly Father knew that she would be just what I needed :) And for that, I am so thankful! 

Such a good little helper :)

H Is For Habit

Looks like I'm just going to make this '3-months-behind-on-my-blog' thing a habit. I've learned to accept the fact that life just gets too busy, and well, honestly, I just get too lazy!  

Once we made it through January (the worst month EVER) I thought we were in the clear, and that the rest of winter would be a breeze!  Ha. Hahaha... Ha.  Sadly, I was mistaken, and February turned out to be worse than January!  Ava got hit with RSV, the first "real" sickness she's ever had. Then she so kindly gave the virus to me, which turned into a horrifically miserable sinus infection.  Needless to say, we quarantined ourselves to our home for a good 2 weeks, which was literally half of February. 

Symptoms of RSV started to show in my little sweetie on Valentine's Day.  I thought it was just a cold coming on, so we went about our plans for that day which included lunch with Daddy at eBay, and a dinner date for Jace and I that night.
One of our most favorite places!  We were very much overdue for an evening out ALONE.  As much as we LOVE our little Ava,  it's amazing what some one on one time can do for your relationship! 

And thanks to Jace's parents who watched Ava for us so we could enjoy our Valentine's date!

The very next morning, RSV had begun to take it's toll.  Most of you know that Ava never stops. Like ever.  So when this happens, you know she absolutely does not feel well.
After about 4 days had passed, and she wasn't getting better, I knew there had to be more to it and we went to the doctor, who gave her the RSV diagnosis.
Waiting for the doctor.  Sad little sickie :(
RSV typically lasts about 2 weeks, and for Ava it was almost exactly two weeks to the day when her little smile finally came back :)

March was much better to us than the previous two months.  We were actually able to leave the house!  
Little Miss Sass in her pink sparkly boots from Sadie :)
Lunch date with Grandma, Tessa and Cooper at Pizza Pie Cafe.
Selfie with Mom and smoothies from Costco.
Saturday morning play date with Sadie :)
Mom's birthday celebration.
What is it about the fridge?  Every time we open it, she comes running and insists on sitting right there.  Crazy girl.
She's a little Diva too.

Ava and I did the Mom & Tot spring swim class this year.  Last summer when we did it, she was 8 months old, and not fully aware of her surroundings.  This time around however, she was VERY aware, and although I thought she'd be nervous, she did really well, and we had a lot of fun!  She loves the water! 
St. Patrick's Day
And first time PigTails :)

On March 19th, we welcomed a precious new niece to the family.  Tessa had her baby girl, Allie Jane.  Ava loves her and whenever we are all together, she is constantly pointing at her saying, "Bay-Beee" and giving her little kisses on her head.  It really is so sweet!
When I hold her, my heart aches for the newborn stage again!  But then my brain reminds me that the newborn stage doesn't last but a minute, and that pretty soon they are climbing on things and throwing tantrums and talking back to you, and so yeah, I have no desire to do that again anytime soon.

Here's proof...
And, that's a wrap!