Sunday, April 29, 2012

She's Having A Baby

The word is out...

Talk about a HARD secret to keep!  It's been a long time coming for Jace and I so we couldn't be more thrilled!  I am currently 12 and a half weeks along, due November 7th.  Everything is so far so good.  We have a healthy, active little peanut :)

Jace and I decided to start "trying" in April of 2011.  I very much dislike the word, "trying".  I've never really understood the whole meaning of that word.  I was under the impression that 'trying' for us would mean, going off birth control and seeing what happened.  Little did I know that we would actually have to TRY.  And hard.  After 7 months of unsuccessful 'trying' on our own, I decided to consult with my doctor.  I wasn't getting any younger and knew that I was going to need some help.  My doctor recommended Clomid, an ovary stimulating fertility drug, to help with my irregular cycles and we were instructed to have "Dr. Prescribed Intercourse" (awkward) on certain days of each month.  That's where the 'trying' became difficult.  Who really wants to do that?  Not very fun at all.

After 3 months of Clomid, still no success.  My mind started going crazy. 

"Maybe Clomid isn't going to work for me."
"Other fertility options are so expensive, could we afford them?"
"I never thought it would take us this long."

I went back to my OB office and saw the nurse practitioner rather than the doctor I had seen before.  And what a blessing she was!  She ordered that I have blood work done (which should have been done 3 months prior) and there, was able to find an abnormality in my testosterone levels.  She quickly put me on a drug called Metformin, to balance out the hormone levels, and upped my dose of Clomid.  As I started this FOURTH cycle of Clomid, (they typically only allow 4-6 cycles before referring you to a fertility specialist) I was still feeling discouraged, but somewhat a little more hopeful.  Praying every day that THIS time it would work.  

Needless to say,  our prayers were answered!  The 4th round of Clomid, and our really hard "trying" paid off!  I found out I was pregnant on March 6th, my mother's birthday :)  

I cannot even describe the joy (and SHOCK) of that day.  I took FOUR pregnancy tests because I couldn't believe that it was showing me a positive result.  I was so used to getting negatives every month.  I fell to my knees, sobbing, thanking my Heavenly Father for this wonderful miracle that we had been wanting for so long.  It took a few days to set in, and I didn't tell Jace until 2 days later! 

 How I told him...

I knew I always wanted to tell him in a fun, cute way, so I found on Pinterest (of course, I'm obsessed) a homemade fortune cookie recipe, and placed a little fortune inside announcing the news.
I wish I would've had his reaction on video, it was priceless.  He had a HUGE grin on his face, but asked if I was really being serious, when I told him yes, I was serious, he said he needed to go sit down :) He was in shock as well.  

We wanted to wait and tell our families on Easter, after I had been to the doctor to confirm things...
I made a card with Easter treats for each of our siblings and parents.
Their reactions were just as expected.  Lots of jumping up and down, screaming, hugging and tears :) We feel so blessed to have such wonderful families who love and support us!
Another Pinterest inspired idea :)

I have ALWAYS been one to document everything (I get that from my mom) so you can bet that I started taking pictures right away of my "sort of" baby bump.  And thanks to a fun app on my phone, I can customize the photos with text.
I am shocked at how much my belly is already poking out a bit.  I didn't think I would ever start showing this early.  My mother-in-law jokes with me by saying, "Well, when it has nowhere to go, it goes out!"  Very true.  The sad part is that none of it is even baby yet! :)

So, all in all, this excitement over the last few months, explains my disappearance from blogging.  I have been morning sick, emotional and exhausted!  But now that I am feeling better, I plan to blog. A LOT.  

Until next time...
Bye Bye! 
(Yes, baby is totally waving in this pic... I am SO in love!)